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Classical Loo Company – Modu-loo Specifications

Toilet cubicle

WidthFolded 0.9mAssembled 0.9m
Weight190kg (approx. depending on model)
Standard toilet fittedJets 64FD/VPC
Water consumption
(per flush)
0.8 litres (adjustable)
Lighting1x 13w fluorescent
Power connection1x system connection in
1x system connection out

Urinal Unit

WidthFolded 0.655mAssembled 1.8m
Weight170kg (approx. depending on model)
Number of urinals3
Lighting3x 13w fluorescent
Power connection1x system connection-in
1xsystem connection-out

Vanity Unit

Master unit only
Automatic infra red tap (depending on model)
2.2kw 240v water heater 240v distribution board with RCD and circuit breakers
Power connection1 no 16amp 240v in
2x interface unit supplies
2x system connections-out
Lighting2x 13w low energy hi-lite (240v)
Weight95kg (approx)
Slave unit only
Automatic infra red tap
(depending on model)
Weight70kg (approx)
Power connection1x system connection-in
1x system connection out
Lighting2x 13w low energy hi-lite (240v)

Nb. A maximum of 3 slave units per master unit. At least one master unit needed for each installation.

Vacuum System

15MB Pump system(multiples of)Capacity 15m³/hr
Flushing capacity 120 flushes/hr
Power cons. (nom) 1.5kW 230v 50Hz
Current 6.1A
Weight150kgs (approx)
Power connection1x 16a 240v Single phase

Grey water tanks-basins and urinals discharge to tank by gravity and interfaced with vacuum system by ED valve which is activated by water level.

Easy Access Unit – in 2 halves

Folded each halfAssembled together
Weight (each half)210kg (approx)
Lighting2 x 13w fluorescent
Power connection1 x system connection –in
1 x system connection-out

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