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Modu-loo FAQs

What is Modu-loo?

Modu-loo is our modular vacuum system (manufactured by Flexiloo in UK and using ‘Jets’ vacuum technology) that is designed to be installed in any covered area - marquee, building, or even a garage! and only requires a minimum of 1 metre wide access - ideal for those difficult locations or restricted access. No forklifts are normally necessary as manual 4 wheeled trolleys are used for positioning so any damage to your ground can be avoided.

Do you provide trailers in England too?

Unfortunately we currently only provide Modu-loo outside of Scotland – our trailers are based in Scotland. However we have contacts in England who are able to assist us should we require this facility for staff etc.

What facilities do I need to provide at the venue?

Siting: A firm level base protected from weather - building, marquee or temporary structure, with minimum access width 1 metre. Size of required area is determined by the facilities required. A site visit will be required to assess suitability of site.

Water: A constant and solely designated water supply is required when the system is in use - 3 bar pressure is advisable. Ideally a 25mm blue alkathine pipe with a stop cock should be provided but we can provide a water bowser with booster pump if required at additional cost.

Electric: A basic 3+1 system will need 2 x 16 amp (240v) supplies. Larger installations will require additional supplies, depending on the total equipment provided.

Drainage: Ideally all waste can be discharged into drainage facilities on site – it can be pumped up to 100 metres from the toilet area. Alternatively waste storage tanks can be provided at additional cost. No chemical is used so your drainage system will not be affected.

Do you need to visit the site beforehand?

It is advisable for us to visit your site to assess services available and access to the proposed site to ensure no problems are incurred when installing.

How large are the loos and how much access to the site do you need for delivery and collection?

For transporting, the cubicles, vanity basins and urinals are individual modules of 900mm square and are transported from a 12 tonne lorry and put in position using a 4 wheeled manoeuvrable trolley. We only require a minimum of 1 metre access width to your preferred installation location.

Do the loos need servicing during my event?

Due to the high quality of Modu-loo facilities, we always provide an attendant during your event to ensure the pristine condition is maintained throughout the event.

How will the loos arrive on site?

Transport for Modu-loo system is a 7.5 or 12 tonne lorry. Thereafter a 4 wheeled manoeuvrable trolley is used to position units.

When will the loos arrive on site?

More time is required to install Modu-loo than trailered units. As this is normally installed in a marquee, we liaise with your chosen marquee contractor re installation and removal times, otherwise we will liaise with you to discuss a suitable time.

Can the loos be integrated inside the marquee?

This is normally where Modu-loo is installed but can be in any covered area protected from weather. Theoretically we can negotiate steps but a site visit will be required. We have installed Modu-loo inside garages, on the 5th floor (up stairs) of a building and on 3rd storey of a 3 storey marquee structure (forklift was used on this occasion)

Can the loos be installed in a building?

It is certainly possible to install Modu-loo inside a building assuming access allows. A site visit is essential so we can check access, the area and the services available before a price can be confirmed.

How do wheelchair users gain access to the facilities?

Because entry to the cubicles is on floor level, anyone bar wheelchair-bound guests can use these facilities. We can provide a designated special-needs cubicle integrated within the area.

Do I need to provide a water supply?

Yes, a constant water supply is required during use - approx 3 bar pressure is advised.

Do I need to provide an electricity supply?

Yes, for each 3+1 system we require 2 x 16 amp supplies. Larger installations will require more and the quantity can be advised.

Do I need to supply access to drainage?

Due to the design of Modu-loo, no chemical is used and a clean water flush is experienced. Ideally waste can be discharged directly into drainage on site, access for which can be up to 100 metres away and is not gravity reliant. Alternatively, we can provide waste storage tanks and arrange emptying prior to removal both at additional cost.

Will it smell?

Each cubicle is sanitised with each flush and our vacuum pumps are sealed and waste storage tanks are not vented, therefore no smell is experienced.

What if a problem occurs on the day?

As we provide an attendant, they normally visit the site several hours prior to your event to switch on and test system again. They are present during your event should any unlikely technical problems arise.

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