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CLC Events- Modu-loo Modular Vacuum System

When it comes to planning a special occasion or any high profile event one of the most important factors to always keep in mind is the comfort of your guests – to ensure your event is remembered – for the right reasons! Our Modu-loo system is guaranteed to impress!

Our innovative alternative to the usual toilet trailer is designed to be installed in any covered area and is especially suited for locations with difficult or restricted access, as only 1 metre wide access is required. A manoeuvrable 4 wheeled trolley is used for positioning each module which alleviates any need for heavy lifting or towing vehicles on site which could also cause damage to your ground in wet conditions.

This temporary toilet system contains multiple individual cubicles and urinal facilities to suit your numbers and ratio of guests, complimented by luxury vanity units, all designed in lightweight materials in a light oak finish. Designated easy access cubicles for disabled guests and wheelchair access are also available. Offering complete floor level access, the modules can be configured to suit your available area and to create a bespoke luxurious washroom facility. The system is designed for use with a vacuum drainage system (similar to aircraft loos); this eliminates the use of any chemical additives and reduces water usage to as little as 0.5 litres per flush. If available, ideally waste can be pumped directly into the mains drains on site. Otherwise this can be pumped directly into waste storage tanks for removal after your event. These can be discreetly placed almost anywhere within a 100m radius of the structure as the Modu-loo system is pumped and does not rely on gravity.

At every event in London or across England – large or small, we provide standby cover or attendant service to ensure your facilities remain in a pristine condition throughout your event and who will obviously be on hand should any possible, but unlikely technical issue occur.

Modu-loo’s environmentally friendly vacuum technology, minimal water requirements and no-chemical use makes this the ideal choice of luxury temporary toilets.

Benefits over trailers:

  • Offers fresh water flush using innovative ‘Jets’ vacuum technology
  • Only minimum 1 metre access needed – no vehicular involvement
  • floor level access
  • eco-friendly -no chemical use – more hygienic
  • eco-friendly- minimal water requirements
  • individual modules configured to suit ratio of guests
  • and of course the “WOW” factor!

Requirements on site are:

  • Access to waste drainage system on site within 100m, or the use of waste storage tanks
  • 2 x 16 amp Electrical feeds per 3+1 system (please enquire for larger installations)
  • A designated fresh water feed (ideally 25mm blue alkathine pipe with in-line stopcock)
  • Minimum 1 metre wide access and installed in suitable covered, weatherproof facility – temporary or permanent

Optional extras to consider:

White cotton hand cloths to add that touch of elegance and class. These can be replenished by our Attendant throughout event.
VIP Toiletries basket Ladies and Gents – whether it be tights, plasters, perfume, deodorant or safety pins! – any unexpected emergency can be dealt with.
Whilst we provide quality soap and hand cream, we can provide Designer brands on request, at additional cost.

View our Modu-loo modular vacuum system here.

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