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Re-circulating Units FAQs

How much do they cost to hire?

This depends on the size of your event and therefore which loo unit(s) you need. It also depends on how far your venue is from our depots and whether your event is to be held at a peak time of year. Please contact us for a quotation specific to your event.

What facilities do I need to provide at the venue?


The luxury loos that we supply are fully self contained. They come with their own fresh water tank. For events of an extended duration this may require topping up with an onsite supply, or via our service unit. However, under normal usage no additional water should be required


The loos require a 13 amp electricity supply (one for each trailer unit). Nothing else should be allowed to run off the same socket for the duration of your event. If you do not have access to mains electricity on site we can advise on the provision of a suitable generator (min 7kva). A 2nd 13 amp supply will be required for internal heaters if required.


As the loos are fully self-contained, there is no need for any drainage facility on site.

Do the loos need servicing during my event?

For a typical event such as a wedding or private party that lasts for no more than 12 hours, the loos should not require any servicing. However, if your event occurs over several days or you are hosting an event with very large numbers of guests then servicing on site may be necessary. This can be discussed at the time of your enquiry.

Can you provide an attendant service?

Yes, we can provide one or more attendants depending on the size of your event. Our attendants are smartly dressed and have a good technical knowledge in the unlikely event that problems arise on site. Their main duty is to keep the facilities in pristine condition throughout the event.

How will the loos arrive on site?

The loos are trailer units, similar to large caravans. They are delivered and collected using a 4x4 vehicle. Each unit is fitted with a front and rear tow bar to facilitate precise positioning and removal, and to minimise any damage to your ground.

When will the loos arrive on site?

Your delivery and installation time can be discussed at the time of your booking. Usually the loos will arrive one or two days prior to your event at an agreed time and removed the day after. If you require delivery further in advance or plan to use the facilities a second day this should be stated during the booking process.

Can the loos be integrated into the marquee?

Yes, it is quite common for us to provide facilities that are built into your marquee. The marquee company will be responsible for the structure surrounding the loos and you should discuss your requirements with them. Please note that in these situations delivery of the loos should be timed to coincide with the erection of the marquee.

How do wheelchair users gain access to the facilities?

Only our Special needs facility is suitable for use by wheelchair users. Please state at the time of your enquiry whether these facilities will be required.

Do I need to provide a water supply, electrical supply or access to drainage?

As our units are self-contained, they have their own fresh water tank and waste tank, therefore it is not essential to have a water supply, albeit advisable should the tanked supply be drained. No access to drainage is required and 1 x 13 amp electrical connection is required per trailer, 2 if internal heaters are required. We can advise on power requirements if a generator is to be used.

What if a problem occurs with them on the day?

Whilst we cannot guarantee total technical reliability, in the very unlikely event of a technical difficulty, we are available 24/7 for advice and assistance. We will make every effort to rectify the problem as soon as we are informed. The attendant on site (if arranged) can investigate immediately and rectify the problem.

Can they be plumbed into mains drainage?

If necessary we can plumb our units into mains drainage and water, when no chemical will be required. Suitable access to mains water and drainage adjacent to the unit will be required. Full details of requirements are available on request.

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